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New Digital Tool Supports Precision Oncology

Powered by current NCCN* guidelines, oncology care providers can now quickly identify what biomarkers a patient should be tested for and the treatments recommended based on the biomarker test results. Links to treatment support resources put important information at providers’ fingertips when they need it the most. The new Precision Oncology Companion™ will be accessible with a computer, smartphone, and electronic health record system.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Aventria is pleased to announce the availability of sponsorships for the QC-Health® Precision Oncology Companion™. This innovative, new, digital tool supports the education of oncology care providers about precision medicine in oncology (aka precision oncology).

Contact us for a demonstration video.

Community Oncologists Need Precision Oncology Educational Support

Only 22% of advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients are tested for the 4 NCCN-recommended biomarkers that are actionable with treatment (Gierman et al, 2019). This discrepancy in guidelines-based care for these patients reflects the struggle community-based oncologists are having with the rapid evolution of precision medicine in oncology. As of August 2020, 102 oncology drugs specify at least 1 biomarker in their FDA label—up from 67 in May 2018 (Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, 2020; Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, 2018). Community oncologists need educational support in this area.

We’ve Got the Expertise to Help

For the past 6 years, Aventria has been the precision oncology “go to” agency for Strategic Market Access teams. In addition to educational resources, we research and produce The Precision Oncology Annual Trend Report, now in its sixth edition. We are experts in precision oncology, focused on education tools and resources to improve guidelines-based care.

The Precision Oncology Companion™ Tool Is the Support They Need

To learn more about the Precision Oncology Companion™ and current sponsorship opportunities, give me a call or send me an email.

You can reach me, David Guy, SVP, Oncology and Specialty Product Markets, at or call me at 858-717-2742.

Making a difference in patient care by helping patients, providers, and payers collaborate on shared priorities

*NCCN, National Comprehensive Cancer Network®.


Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Table of pharmacogenomic biomarkers in drug labeling. US Food and Drug Administration website. Accessed May 11, 2018.

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Table of pharmacogenomic biomarkers in drug labeling. US Food and Drug Administration website. Updated August 18, 2020. Accessed September 28, 2020.

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