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CASE STUDY: REACH*-facilitated Shared Collaborations With IDNs

*Real-world Evidence Advancing Clinical Health

Brand Challenge:

Drive access and enable broader brand penetration while supporting hospital and payer needs to reduce costs and improve quality of care (reduce hospitalizations).


Developed an interactive aid to facilitate branded discussions with decision makers
that included:

  • A comprehensive set of EHR-ready resources

  • Resources to help educate and empower providers and patients

  • Value proposition messaging


  • Client received a “2019 CEO Award” for best program.

  • Guideline utilization growth >16% nationally within 3 months of REACH launch

  • The REACH program was implemented in over 135 IDNs in the first 9 months.

CS_REACH art.png

The spike in guideline-driven care was unprecedented. It wildly succeeded where so many other initiatives
had not.” 

Director, Institutional Marketing

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