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Webinar Series

Hear our experts provide strategic insights and proven solutions for market challenges that impact everything from engaging stakeholders, improving brand performance, driving better patient care, and more. 

January 2024

Missing Data Insights?
New, Broader Datasets That Improve Brand Performance


This presentation discusses shortfalls of traditional datasets and presents proven strategies to address data gaps and leverage nontraditional data and clinical workflow messaging to drive brand growth.

Dave Dierk

December 2023

Lost Prescriptions?
Data Gaps and Unfulfilled Rxs Hinder Brand Performance 
Mitigate Blind Spots to Brand Growth

This presentation highlights what you may not being seeing in traditional data sources and presents proven strategies to overcome data gaps and unfulfilled prescriptions.


April 2024

Leveraging the EHR Ecosystem as a Strategic Tool to Collaborate at Scale With IDNs and Organized Providers

Dave Dierk

This presentation discusses the use of EHR technology to drive customer behavior change for market and brand growth. The strategies presented can help position your company as a credible partner and therapeutic leader by confidently engaging IDN stakeholders and organized providers in value-based care.

November 2023

Optimizing Large Customer Collaborations to Improve Care Gaps—A Scalable Case Study in Chronic Liver Disease (CLD)

This presentation showcases a real-world, successful case study that created a Groundswell Movement™ to improve care gaps by engaging multiple stakeholders along the patient journey.

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