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Help Prescribers Overcome Barriers When e-Prescribing Your Brand

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FavoriteMyBrand Platform powered by GINA Help Bot shows prescribers step-by-step how to:

  • Save your brand as a favorite in the e-prescribing module, including important notes to the pharmacy

  • Manually add your brand for e-prescribing

  • Generate lists of specific, appropriate patients for your brand using clinical criteria (pursuit lists)

  • Create order sets to standardize care

Easy-to-follow instructions for the top EHR systems nationwide

  • FavoriteMyBrand Platform has never met an EHR system it couldn’t work with.

  • And if prescribers face any challenges, they can set up a one-on-one session with an EHR specialist!

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Find out how you can offer FavoriteMyBrand to your prescribers! 

For more information or a quick demo, schedule a call.


EHR=electronic heatlh record; GINA=Guided INtegration Assistant.

GINA is a trademark of Aventria Health Group.

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