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Rapid Access Messaging Platform

What did Aventria Health Group do when new clients had brands that were either in clinical guidelines or had good evidence backing their usage, yet upwards of 64% of appropriate patients were not prescribed their product?

This case study demonstrates how RAMP-UP™ helped providers and patients while measurably improving brand performance. Using a combination of personal and nonpersonal tactics, prescriber access issues resolved. A RAMP-UP™ rollout takes ~6-8 weeks.
Aventria used IQVIA APLD raw data to divide physicians into 4 segments.

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The data analysis showed that over half of patients—64% in one case—were not receiving care according to evidence-based guidelines.

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In another case, the data unexpectedly revealed that over one-third of patients in their disease category were being treated by PCPs. That certainly was actionable information.

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We ramped up! All of these insights and more were rolled up into a Rapid Access Messaging Platform program. An interactive interface showed field sales colleagues highlighted, segmented data for their targets. Regional and other views were also developed for sales and marketing management.


As part of the Aventria program, field sales received training that included a selection of targeted messages to tailor their conversations to the physician’s patient population and needs. The messages also reinforced a telehealth-compatible solution in a touchless COVID era. Physicians viewed the messaging as helpful to themselves and their patients, and the program was directly attributed to improving guideline based care.

The RAMP-UP™ data were also used to drive a behavior-driven and targeted email campaign. The email campaign nurtured physician targets and provided background information so that representative or account manager visits could be even more productive.

“Eight in ten doctors expect a permanent increase in remote interactions with sales representatives. To stay ahead of the competition, we need to reimagine routine engagement strategies, or risk being left behind.”  —Director of Patient Engagement, Reuters Events

Is your brand challenged by a similar situation?
Contact us—we can help. A RAMP-UP™ rollout can be accomplished within 6-8 weeks.


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