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5-Step Engagement Engine™

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Patient/Provider Engagement


Account Managers


Relevant Customer Messaging

Relevant Customer Messaging


Develop a Customer Brand Plan


Can you help me create and deliver powerful brand messaging?

We can do more than that!

We can help you:

  • Reach and credibly engage customer stakeholders with high-impact
    promotional solutions

  • Differentiate customer engagement with high-impact, memorable brand messaging and promotional solutions 

Dynamic change is a constant reality in today’s market access landscape resulting from drug innovation, product launches, growing therapeutic density, and stronger drug formulary requirements. The impact of these dynamics and changes in drug payment, reimbursement, and new competition has narrowed the window whereby brand value propositions remain relevant and differentiated.

Aventria’s proprietary Promise-to-Performance™ value proposition process provides a disciplined framework to develop a powerful message platform that clearly resonates with target customer decision makers.

PtoP art_V1_031820.png

The framework is built upon research and analysis of landscape dynamics, target customer segments, assessment of their access value drivers, and competition to craft and validate a message architecture that includes the brand’s central promise, message pillars, and credible supporting evidence. This becomes the foundation for clear, concise, and compelling brand messaging across all promotional assets to drive brand performance.

In addition, the promotional assets must be designed to facilitate high-impact account manager customer interactions with messages relevant to stakeholder needs, care management, and brand benefits. Aventria’s iPad customer support platform allows account managers to identify relevant customer issues and both credibly and quickly address them.

Our strength is our understanding of marketplace dynamics, advanced formulary requirements, and ability to craft strong brand value propositions that clearly resonate with target customers in today’s dynamic market access environment. 

Intrigued? Then your next question is probably going to revolve around wanting some proof.

See how a recent customer knocked it out of the park using Aventria’s Promise-to-Performance model.

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