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Aventria Health Group — Pharma Managed Markets Expertise and Service Lines

Aventria Health Group is a managed markets agency, otherwise known as a market access agency. We work at the intersection of marketing and economics to help our clients better engage with large organized customers. 

Clients often hire us because “Aventria came in with strategic and innovative solutions that our old agency would never have thought of.” The Aventria team improves brand performance by filling the unmet needs of stakeholders along the patient journey who are critical to brand performance.

Aventria has worked with hundreds of health systems and a myriad of insurance carriers and other stakeholders in the market access continuum. Our work with employers and the insight and access to employers we bring are also frequently cited as differentiators.

Aventria’s mission is to make a difference in patient care by helping patients, providers, and payers collaborate on shared priorities. Our team consists of leaders across therapeutic categories, customer segments, and health information technology such as electronic health record (EHR) systems, digital health tools, and cloud-based content management.

Aventria Expertise

  • Specialty pharmaceuticals  

  • Oncology—type of drugs

  • Rare disease—what we know about rare disease

  • Precision medicine—brand/companion diagnostic

  • Vaccines—experience

  • Next-generation primary care

Large organized customer segments
  • Health plan/pharmacy benefit manager (PBM)

  • Providers—integrated delivery network (IDN), large community medical groups

  • Employers

  • Government—state and federal

  • Distribution and dispensing channels

  • Patient/provider reimbursement support services

Formulary management
  • Advanced formulary requirements

  • Formulary management 

  • Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)

  • Tech assessment

Payment methodologies
  • MIPS and MACRA

  • Part A, B, D drug payment

  • Value-based payments

Health information technology
  • EHR systems

  • Clinical decision support

How Can We Help You? 

Brand commercialization
  • Life cycle management  Prelaunch – Launch – Growth – Maturity – Decline

Strategic planning—where to play, how to win

Prelaunch investigational drug formulary info exchange 

Launch Excellence Action Plan (LEAP™)—organizational blueprint to prepare the brand, organization, marketplace

Research and advisory boards—senior leaders at organized customers

Clinical pathways—development and operationalization

Value proposition and tailored messaging (Promise to Performance™)

Reimbursement/access confidence—demystifying prior authorization (PA) process and apply reimbursement support resources

Customer engagement 
  • Interactive communication

  • Non-personal communications with large organized customer contacts

  • Digital/EHR solutions—evidence-based messaging at the point of care – Cloud-based proprietary platform for EHR integration at target customers at scale

  • Web portals, mini-sites

  • Video 

Key account management and training
  • Account planning (AIM™ process)

  • Integrated iPad apps—standardize and improve performance

  • Brand and customer strategies—development and execution, integrating critical competencies

  • Coordinated pull-through

Package insert services—separate division solely dedicated to formatting and managing package inserts
  • Currently serving many of the largest (and smallest) pharmaceutical manufacturers and agencies

Making a difference in patient care by helping patients, providers, and payers collaborate on shared priorities


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