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Keys to a Successful Market Access Brand Launch

Pharmaceutical vice presidents, executive directors, brand leads, marketing leads, and commercial leads:

Integrating robust market access planning is essential for successful brand launch and commercialization. Exceeding year 1 launch access objectives is vital. Brands that fail to meet their launch objective are challenged to meet subsequent growth in the coming years.

So, how can you effectively and efficiently speed the time to patient treatment with your brand and improve their experience and outcomes? It begins with a thoughtful process to address 3 key elements for drug launch excellence.

3 Market Access Keys

1.  Is your brand primed to maximize access and sales trajectory?

  • Brands must be effectively positioned with credible messaging in tune to payer access requirements to achieve rapid formulary acceptance and coverage.

  • A thorough and efficient channel configuration with a high-satisfaction distribution, dispensing, and patient reimbursement support experience must be in place.

  • Clearly identifying specific brand launch requirements by conducting a brand attribute assessment is critical.

2.  Is your market access launch team mobilized and aligned?

  • Based on the brand attribute assessment, tasks and actions need to be identified by function.

  • Team members must be held accountable for interdependencies and timelines.

  • A comprehensive Market Access Launch Excellence Action Planning (LEAP™) Blueprint ensures aligned mobilization and instills senior management confidence in the team, plan, and performance.

3.  Is the marketplace poised for rapid brand access launch success?

  • Brand access teams must establish a differentiated advantage by effectively preparing the brand, organization, and marketplace.

  • Prelaunch disease/brand Pharmaceutical Information Exchange (PIE) awareness with formulary decision-makers needs to be created.

  • High-impact brand value proposition and messaging for persuasive formulary discussions is required.

Aventria Health Group is uniquely capable of helping you confidently propel your brand to a strong growth trajectory.

To learn how we can help you navigate the complexities of launch realities and successfully lead market access brand commercialization, please reach out to:

Dave Dierk, Co-President, 30-year sales and marketing thought leader in pharmaceutical diagnostics, biomedical, long-term care, managed care, employer, and pharmacy communications, at

Paul G. Pochtar, RPh, extensive experience in leading the successful market access commercialization of both primary care and specialty pharmaceuticals throughout their life cycle, including several landmark oncology products and other specialty therapeutics, at

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