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Can Aventria Make Me and My Pharma Managed Markets Organization Successful?

The answer is PROBABLY. Aventria has been able to make clients successful by:

  • Taking an informed, courageous, determined approach

  • Growing brand value, brand utilization, and ultimately brand success

What sets Aventria apart from other managed market agencies?

Aventria’s decadesworth of experience working with a multitude of clients gives us, and therefore our new clients, an advantage because we have the benefit of intimately knowing the industry. Our team understands what works and what doesn’t. We are then able to use this knowledge to educate and inform our clients on how to obtain the results they are looking for. 

The key to success in the market

Understanding the nuances and recognizing that these nuances cannot be underestimated—it is essential.

“First we identify where the gaps are, then we identify why those gaps are there, and then we solve for those gaps.” — Dave Dierk, co-president of Aventria Health Group

Risks are often crucial to obtain maximum success for clients, but with Aventria, these are informed risks. “Any time you invest to influence and improve an outcome, there’s a risk that it may not work or that it might not work as well as you want. I believe people hire Aventria because we reduce that risk and make our clients successful,” says Dierk.

For more information about working with Aventria, see Is It Risky to Hire Aventria Health Group?

For more information about Aventria Health Group, contact Dave Dierk at 215-489-9000 x103 or

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