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Digital Solutions for Healthcare Providers Should Check This Box…

Pharmaceutical market access vice presidents, executive directors, market access marketing, and brand leads:

The Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit highlighted the need and desire of healthcare providers for specific digital solutions. Why? Well, our healthcare system is becoming increasingly complex. Stakeholders are looking for digital solutions to improve their daily workflow, minimize friction points, and improve patient care.

What Makes a Good Digital Solution?

Digital “solutions” are a dime a dozen. How can Pharma ensure that a digital solution they buy won’t end up in the unused pile? Based on Asembia discussions, there are straightforward foundational strategic imperatives that need to be considered.

Digital solutions must:

  • Solve for an unmet clinical need

  • Improve or function within existing workflows

  • Prove outcomes with verifiable data

  • Balance cost, time, and resource allocation

Organized providers (health systems, large community groups) are looking for ways to standardize treatment protocols, identify patients at risk, and ensure an appropriate clinical intervention occurs.

Many manufacturers are looking to reduce friction points that brands experience in today’s market or to support disease state awareness and proper patient diagnosis.

But what changes “a” digital solution into the “RIGHT” digital solution?

To have the most impact on patient outcomes, the ideal digital solution should be part of clinical workflows in electronic health record (EHR) systems. Why? It is the point of care, the “final three feet” between a provider and a patient when a clinical intervention occurs or is missed. Yet, few available digital options:

  • Are scalable for widespread implementation

  • Improve clinical workflow

  • Adapt to dynamic needs

  • Are viewed as clinical resources

Empowering and enabling clinical interventions at the point of care support improved patient outcomes. (Win!) Supporting your provider organization clients when and where they need it most enhances your hero cred. (Win!)

Aventria Health Group’s Digital Point-of-Care Platforms

We were more than a little pumped to hear all that info at Asembia because it completely validated our work! Our proven and proprietary Outcome Guided Engagement® (OGE®) and Quick Support & Access (QSA™) digital platforms have been designed specifically to address the needs of provider organizations. They can help drive provider, patient, and caregiver engagement through standardization of best practices and deliver critical resources at the providers’ fingertips to support improved patient outcomes at the final three feet.

Built and designed to deliver disease-based clinical messages and content and/or brand support resources for both providers and patients at the point of care, our digital platforms:

  • Are used in 98% of the largest health systems in the country

  • Work in all EHR systems

  • Install in minutes

To learn more about Aventria’s point-of-care digital platforms, please reach out to:

Dan Newman, VP, Business Development, 15+ years in the pharmaceutical industry, including sales leadership, managed markets, trade, alternative channel design, training, and patient access, at

Ryan Nitzel, VP, Sales, 20+ years of experience in sales leadership, commercial contracting, national account management, and market access with portfolios including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, software, and services, at

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