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From “Click to Closet” to EHR Resources in 98% of Top IDNs

Pharmaceutical SVP/VP Market Access, SVP Therapeutic Business Units, Brand Directors, US-Executive Committee Members:

Digital technology has steered us away from large-scale print campaigns and warehousing of patient and provider educational and support resources. Today, 98% of the top 200 IDNs in the country have an Aventria electronic health record (EHR) resource embedded into their clinical workflows. But it was a long evolution to get here!

EHR systems were first developed around the 1970s. Those clinical information systems standardized vocabulary and accounting. Later, patient paper folders became electronic health records. The more recent history of EHRs has shown, at least aspirationally, access to patient and care information, quality tracking, error reduction, and workforce efficiency, to name just a few.

The technology has developed quickly, especially since Meaningful Use accelerated adoption; and Aventria Health Group has been a leader in the innovation journey of EHR integration since 2012. Using our intimate knowledge of customer needs, leading to high impact support, we:

  • Started with a platform called “Click to Closet” that placed provider and patient support material in provider electronic “sample closets”

  • Evolved widgets for our HealthFORWARD programs that provided digital access to comprehensive and convenient educational and support resources directly within clinical workflows

Aventria’s Latest Point-of-Care EHR Integration Platforms

The proven and proprietary Outcome Guided Engagement® (OGE®) and Quick Support & Access (QSA™) digital platforms have been designed specifically to address the use cases of provider organizations. Because of this, they are not “solutions looking around for a problem”; they actually solve a problem in a way that provider organizations want and need.

This is why 98% of the top 200 IDNs in the country currently have one of our EHR platform resources integrated within their clinical workflows.

The OGE platform is an unbranded digital platform that can help you drive credible organized provider (health system, large community groups), patient, and caregiver engagement by delivering disease and drug educational resources at the EHR and telehealth point(s) of care.

The QSA platform is a branded digital platform that bundles together brand resources for integration into EHR systems, including links to Hub registration and services in the clinical workflow. This provides your specialty brand with a differentiated access presence at the point of care.

Built and designed to deliver disease-based clinical messages and content and/or brand support resources for both providers and patients at the point of care, our digital platforms:

  • Are used in 98% of the largest health systems in the country

  • Work in all EHR systems

  • Install in minutes

To learn more about how our EHR solutions can help you, please reach out to:

Dave Dierk, Co-President, 30-year sales and marketing thought leader in pharmaceutical diagnostics, biomedical, long-term care, managed care, employer, and pharmacy communications, at

Heather Collins, VP, Account Services and Innovations, 17+ years of experience in new and emerging technologies within healthcare and managed markets, including EHR solutions, mobile applications, user experience, content management systems, search engine optimization, and brand identity, at

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