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Leverage Field Leadership Training for Stronger Sales: Case Study

Pharmaceutical SVP/VP Market Access, VP Key Accounts:

The quality of sales leadership is directly correlated to the caliber of a sales organization. By providing direction and setting precedents for all team members, high-performing sales leaders elevate the entire sales team. Recently, one of our clients needed to bolster their sales leader’s knowledge and ability to drive sales in a new market.

Our client needed to provide training to their field leadership who were given the additional responsibility of covering integrated delivery networks (IDNs) as part of their district responsibilities.

The Aventria Approach

Aventria is an expert at creating and executing training needs. Our training approach in this case study was built upon three key elements:

1. High-level market overview

2. Account planning and dialogue stimulators

3. IDN resource guide


1. High-level overview

The high-level overview sets the stage for understanding the market environment. Aventria developed a patient journey that highlighted typical patient-physician points of impact. There are points along the journey where a patient can drop off and where representatives can collaborate with providers to effect behavior change. Acclimating to the IDN environment in this way helps highlight brand opportunities along the journey and builds confidence to better guide the representatives.

2. Planning and dialogue stimulators

Our planning approach focuses on account preparation checklists for both representatives and IDN managers. We created these checklists to help drive our client’s planning. Knowing the objectives of engaging the account, the sales performance and potential of the account, and overall account profile all define a successful account call.

Relatedly, the dialogue stimulators through the art of questioning are instilled in our approach. By examining the questions asked, goals can be met. Aventria presented sample key questions and barrier busters for each key department of an IDN. These questions and stimulators foster teamwork and collaboration that can lead to solutions and new ways of doing business.

3. IDN resource guide

Having market-specific resources helps account calls. In this case, we created a list of all resources available to their IDN manager and a quick synopsis for each as well as links to where resources are housed. Using resources optimally starts with knowing what they are and how they can help further the brand objectives.

Our organized customer training is part of our national Groundswell Movement™ to improve patient outcomes by changing provider and patient behavior.

Interested in creating your own training approach? Please reach out to:

Dave Dierk, Co-President, 30-year sales and marketing thought leader in pharmaceutical diagnostics, biomedical, long-term care, managed care, employer, and pharmacy communications, at

Joe Maynard, Executive Vice President, more than 35 years’ experience in pharmaceutical marketing, including work in pharma corporate (representative, management, and marketing) and over 30 product launches (US and global), at

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