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How to See “No-See” IDN Customers

Do you have integrated delivery network (IDN) customers who are impeding your field access because they claim to be “no see”?

Heres what Pharma can use to resolve the access problem. Two things: expertise and aligned objectives. If you leverage your expertise (eg, screening, diagnosis, treatment, data, patient support, access, etc) in a manner that confidently helps solve for the pernicious challenges of IDNs, then you can take a seat at the table with your IDN customers. And they are welcoming this. How do we know?

Because 85% of the top 200 IDNs are using our pharma-sponsored technology today. We embed pharma support in their electronic health record (EHR) systems quickly and easily. In fact, our disease-specific technology is currently in all top 20 EHR software systems. All of this disease-specific technology support was offered to these customers and secured by pharma representatives.

Virtual engagements are here to stay. It begins with enabling your field to reach customers virtually and share with them patient care support that strengthens their efforts to improve outcomes. And it includes the IDN’s ability to engage and support patients virtually to monitor, sustain, and evolve care plans.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll quickly show you how our award-winning Outcome Guided Engagements® technology enables customer collaborations with your key account managers and their target IDN customers. Our process is 6 simple steps, and we qualify sponsors to verify they have the right attributes to attain success. We are happy to show you our innovative, proven solution and explore how it aligns with your brand(s). Together we can help improve patient outcomes.

You can reach me, Dave Dierk, Co-President, at

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