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Is It Risky to Hire Aventria Health Group as Your Pharma Managed Markets Agency?

An Interview With Aventria Health Group’s Co-President Dave Dierk

With risk comes innovation, and with innovation comes success. In an increasingly competitive market, in order to hit customers with the right message, in the right way, at the right time, it takes new and potentially unfamiliar technologies. But optimizing success means taking calculated risks like deploying technologies that have not been used before within your organization. 

Two Reasons Clients Hire Aventria

  1. Our pharma managed markets clients are looking for solutions to their problems that give them an advantage over competitors in the marketplace.

  2. Our pharma managed markets clients want to impact and influence the market in a meaningful way.

In order to accomplish these two objectives, it often requires new messaging technologies and ways of thinking and interacting with the marketplace, especially when it comes to large organized customers typically targeted with market access or managed markets campaigns.

These technologies are often unfamiliar to pharma and other healthcare companies and therefore seem risky, but these same technologies are not new to Aventria. Aventria has developed and deployed the kind of technology programs I’m talking about, often using our proprietary platforms, many times before with remarkable success.

We also like to remind our clients that data gives a plethora of information regarding how well received these technologies are, so that it is an informed risk.

The advantage clients are looking for comes in these new technologies, and it comes in taking the calculated risk of using them. Everyone in the industry is seeking better ways to get improved patient outcomes at lower costs with greater levels of satisfaction, but the challenge comes in distinguishing one’s brand from competitors. 

Utilizing unfamiliar technologies with new or existing content means taking a chance, but when clients hire Aventria, they are hiring a team of seasoned professionals who greatly lower this risk given our expertise in the industry.

The Aventria team has specialists in all the necessary aspects for true innovation to assure that the program from beginning to end is well thought out and effectively deployed to maximize success.

“We are very vertical in our approach; we work in a very specific area and that’s all we do. It’s not a part-time endeavor; it’s not even full time. It’s really been a lifetime endeavor.” — Dave Dierk, co-president of Aventria Health Group

For more information about Aventria Health Group, contact Dave Dierk at 215-489-9000 x103 or

Making a difference in patient care by helping patients, providers, and payers collaborate on shared priorities

— by Kailey Dierk, copy intern at Aventria

The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not imply endorsement by Aventria Health Group.

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