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The Key to Market Access Success

What’s more important than data and value-based purchasing in health care?

In a word: collaboration!

This isn’t just our opinion (although we completely agree). Let’s start with some proof:

In 2019, the Boston Consulting Group Market Access Roundtable conducted their third comprehensive benchmark of Market Access–related activities (which occurs every 3 years). The benchmark is based on quantitative data from a 40-question survey and they synthesized the response of about 400 participants from the 9 largest countries. From these data, 10 capabilities stood out to ensure future success.

Fully HALF the capabilities related to collaborating and co-creating with both internal and external stakeholders. That was in 2019. Then the COVID pandemic hit. As Market Access becomes even more of a cross-functional endeavor, many Market Access objectives can only be achieved through support and collaboration from others.

Here are the 5 collaboration capabilities that were identified*:

  • Ability to partner and engage with stakeholders that could affect change

  • Effective coordination and decision-support within Market Access functions

  • Understanding of stakeholders that impact Market Access

  • Developing cross-functional evidence strategies, including clinical and real-world evidence

  • Effective coordination and decision-support between and across other functions

How do you make it work?

Now that you know what the secret sauce is, what are the actual ingredients for collaboration success?

  • A field sales team that is able to work together cohesively, which is essential to partner with large customers and their myriad of clinical, administrative, and IT stakeholders

  • A clear and present understanding of what a large customer’s needs specifically are and exactly how your product and value-above-the-brand offerings fulfill these needs

  • Programmatic cross-functional cooperation and collaboration among internal marketing, market access, medical affairs, and field sales teams

  • Value-above-the-brand programs that help large customers and their patients maximize the benefits of your product

Where can you go for more insight?

Listen to this insightful Relentless Health Value podcast about stakeholder collaborations hosted by our co-president Stacey Richter:

At Aventria, we have always made collaboration part of everything we do. After all, it’s in our mission statement. Here are just a few case studies:

Wondering How Best to Start a Successful Collaboration?

We’ve deployed our thoughtful, comprehensive approach to collaboration multiple times with numerous pharma clients with great success.

You can reach me, Dave Dierk, co-president of Aventria Health Group, at or give me a call at 215-489-9000 x103.

Making a difference in patient care by helping patients, providers, and payers collaborate on shared priorities

*View all top 10 capabilities for future success in Market Access here: Market Access: From Being to Becoming (see Figure 7)


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