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Narrowing Disparities in Health and Care: Opportunities to Help Organized Providers in the Workflow

Pharmaceutical market access vice presidents, executive directors, market access marketing, and brand leads:

Are you looking for opportunities to help organized providers narrow disparities in health and care in a specific disease state with innovations in the clinical workflow? You can help providers recognize vulnerable patient populations, understand differences in outcomes, and overcome obstacles with culturally appropriate resources available at the point of care.

Organized providers (health system and large community groups) are leading the way in addressing disparities in access and care by ethnicity as well as the complex and overlapping socioeconomic risk factors that impact health outcomes and health status. Noteworthy chronic conditions and health statuses include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, serious mental illness, asthma/COPD, maternal care vaccinations, and overall life expectancy.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) officers have emerged as C-suite decision makers charged with developing programs and driving meaningful results to narrow disparities in their patient populations. They are looking for relevant resources to help engage patients in health and care in target populations and disease states.

As mentioned in a previous blog, disease and brand resources that may be leveraged to help organized providers address disparities in their target patient populations include:

  • Evidence-based treatment guidelines that address specific patient populations

  • Patient support educational resources aligned to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services health literacy guidance

  • Reimbursement/HUB support services designed to support vulnerable patient populations

A critical success factor is securing organized provider uptake of these resources by building a presence at the point of patient care in the clinical workflow. Aventria can help you build a credible presence with organized provider decision makers such as DEI officers with solutions at the point of patient care to help narrow disparities in their unique patient populations. Find out how.


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