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No Long-term Care Sales Force? Quality Measures May Drive Your Brand

Branded pharmaceutical market access may seem challenging in long-term care (LTC) if you only consider the higher drug cost without factoring in the potential total cost of care offset associated with an evidenced-based therapeutic option. Better outcomes may be inputs to quality measures that impact facility credentials, reimbursement, and/or published consumer comparison data.

Nonpersonal promotion efforts through collaborations with associations and trade affiliates may present opportunities to provide needed education to help LTC facilities improve their quality measures that align with your brand’s value proposition

5 Reasons You May Not Call On LTC

  1. Lean staffing

  2. A product portfolio that offers greater overall opportunity in office-based or hospital settings

  3. Reimbursement complexity (eg, resource utilization groups, Medicare, Medicaid, dual eligibles)

  4. Difficulty in accessing facility decision makers

  5. Perceived small patient population of interest

This doesn’t mean there aren’t cost-effective ways to improve a brand’s performance in LTC and the adjacent care models to skilled nursing facilities such as post-acute (rehab) centers, assisted living facilities, home health care, and adult daycare. 

Has your product portfolio been evaluated against current quality measures that drive processes in LTC and adjacent facilities specifically for hidden gems that align with aging patients typically under their care?

Perhaps your payer marketing or managed markets marketing teams do not have the bandwidth or quality measure expertise to complete a comprehensive evaluation.

Tapping Into Aventria Health Group’s LTC Expertise

Aventria has significant experience in developing LTC strategies for brands and/or therapeutic categories and delivering a campaign of effective nonpersonal promotion. Aventria is the ideal partner to help with a deep dive into your brand’s evidence-based claims, fit with process measures for identification of potential high-cost complications, and impact on outcomes including hospital readmission or emergency department (ED) cycling. 

Some areas that may support a nonpersonal approach to LTC through a quality measure alignment evaluation by Aventria are:

  • Pneumococcal and influenza vaccination rates (resident and staff)

  • Rehospitalization or ED visit prevention

  • Pain management

  • Infection risk reduction

  • Complications from chronic disease risk reduction

  • Fall risk reduction 

Although the approach to marketing in these areas may be different than your traditional sales force model, a partnership with Aventria to evaluate, develop, and deliver services that help maximize the potential of your brand may augment your success without burdening your existing staff.

For more information on Aventria’s LTC expertise and experience, contact Dave Dierk at 215-489-9000 x103 or

Making a difference in patient care by helping patients, providers, and payers collaborate on shared priorities

— Liz Stewart is Senior Director, Customer Program Content, for Aventria Health Group.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not imply endorsement by Aventria Health Group.


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