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“Our previous EHR integrations haven’t been too successful.”

We hear this concern from clients often. And it’s a fair comment, based on their past experiences.

Our guidance is not to retire the aspiration but to retire the approach.

EHR integrations can be very successful if done right, with an informed, experienced plan and the right tools. The benefits can be very impactful.

  • Collaborating with customers to help solve their challenges:

    • Standardizing care across providers

    • Improving efficiency and throughput

    • Improving patient care, outcomes, and quality

  • Engaging customers with solutions they want and need

  • Differentiating your company and support by delivering appreciated disease expertise

  • Using technology to enable the right patient care message at the right time

Aventria can state these benefits definitively because our integrated EHR solutions are well proven to deliver success.

With Aventria as your partner, a successful result is predictable, because our tools have been delivered, tested, and measured. In fact, more than 800 customer sites, in all 50 states, with tens of thousands of providers and millions of patients have benefited from our EHR solution platform. So, while it’s innovative, it is also mature and proven.

For example, one recent client solution we delivered has >70% target client uptake in the first year. These are the top-tier, “hard to see” integrated delivery networks (IDNs) nationwide. The result has been a dramatic growth of care plans to treatment guidelines.

Our EHR solution platform is successful because it follows our five core tenets:

  1. Establish and communicate the value based on customers’ needs.

  2. Build intervention tools that solve for the need with third-party guidelines.

  3. Equip the field to confidently communicate the need and align the solutions.

  4. Deliver technology that is quick and simple to install to help providers optimize care easily.

  5. Provide real-time metrics to demonstrate utilization and areas for growth.

If your EHR integrations have not met objectives, think about the approach and if it met the parameters above. Success can be achieved, confidently, if the right plan is deployed with the right tools. And your customers will appreciate your help.

For more information about Aventria’s EHR integration capabilities, visit

Better yet, feel free to contact me to show you what we’re doing and how it is working for our clients:

Dave Dierk, Co-President, 30-year sales and marketing thought leader in pharmaceutical diagnostics, biomedical, long-term care, managed care, employer, and pharmacy communications, at 215-489-9000 x103 or


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