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Speed Specialty Access by Creating a Frictionless Rx Journey

Pharmaceutical vice presidents, executive directors, brand leads, marketing leads, and commercial leads:

As you know, specialty prescriptions have attracted strong payer formulary control and utilization management. This includes preferred agents, prior authorizations (PAs), and patient cost shares.

Brand/access channel teams are challenged to maximize the patient/provider access experience by identifying and designing extensive therapy management support services and delivery options.

Meanwhile, organized providers are overwhelmed by numerous offerings (HUB, education, and reimbursement), complicated registration processes, and varying ease of navigation. This has resulted in provider confusion, administrative burden, time requirements, and cost in navigating the various support programs. The Rx journey is challenging and friction-charged, resulting in delays in time to specialty drug therapy and lost brand starts.

Facilitating a Frictionless Specialty Rx Journey—Speeding Time to Treatment

Aventria can help you facilitate a frictionless specialty drug Rx journey and grow your specialty brand’s HUB utilization support. How? By building a differentiated presence in the clinical workflow at the electronic health record (EHR) point of care to speed specialty Rx access and time to appropriate drug treatment.

The clinical benefits of even the best therapies are limited if they never reach the patient. The design and workflow of the HUB service is critical for its ultimate success and utilization. The HUB should be designed to align with customer needs. Prescribers are looking for:

  • Ease of use in locating the site

  • Quick access and registration approvals

  • User-friendly navigation process

  • Responsiveness and visibility into patients’ Rx journey fulfillment status

  • Patient support/patient services

Introducing Aventria’s Proven and Proprietary QSA™ Branded Digital Solution

Quick Support & Access™ (QSA) is a branded digital platform that bundles together brand resources for integration into EHR systems, including links to HUB registration and services in the clinical workflow. This provides your specialty brand with a differentiated access presence at the point of care.

Leveraging the QSA may help your organized providers select your specialty brand for appropriate patients, more easily prescribe it, and speed time to therapy with less pharmacy abandonment and PA delays. The result is a high-satisfaction experience for patients, providers, and specialty brand service support.

To learn how we can help, please reach out to:

Dave Dierk, Co-President, 30-year sales and marketing thought leader in pharmaceutical diagnostics, biomedical, long-term care, managed care, employer, and pharmacy communications, at

Paul G. Pochtar, RPh, SVP of Pharmaceutical Commercialization and Access Strategies, extensive experience in leading the successful market access commercialization of both primary care and specialty pharmaceuticals throughout their life cycle, including several landmark oncology products and other specialty therapeutics, at

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