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Leading Market Access Agency Publishes Employer Trend Report


October 31, 2017

In order to help clients stay informed and ahead of the constantly shifting dynamics of the health care marketplace, Aventria Health Group, LLC, has authored a report entitled: “Rising Employer Trend Impacts Prescription Medication Coverage Decisions.”

Aventria has published this trend report in order to bring to light what some may know but most do not—that employers in the United States provide health care coverage to roughly 60% of the US population including half of the non-elderly population, approximately 150 million non-elderly people in total. Employers have seen their out-of-pocket costs increase an average of 50% between 2008 and 2016 and they are beginning to frequently and systematically act on their own behalf, at times in areas that are outside traditional health care norms such as pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) relationships, coverage decisions, and contracting.

“Helping industry understand how employers are taking a distinctly new approach to managing costs and leveraging purchasing power is top of mind for our agency,” said Dave Dierk, Co-President of Aventria Health. “This white paper enables us to put the issues out there, but we are also well prepared to offer tools and services to our pharmaceutical company customers that will help them be informed partners to their employer customers.”

The white paper is online and can be found at The Aventria website also offers a wide variety of cutting-edge information dedicated to delivering measurable value for our pharmaceutical market access and brand team clients. Services range from employer, payer, provider group strategies and value propositions to innovative pull through.

About Aventria Health Group

Pinnacle Health Communications, LLC, and Franklyn Healthcom, LLC, became wholly owned subsidiaries of Aventria Health Group in 2015. Aventria helps Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and health care companies charter successful market access and pull-through solutions in a rapidly shifting landscape. Headquarters are in Doylestown, PA.

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