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New QC-Health®, Benefit Corporation Releases First Annual Report

DOYLESTOWN, Pa., May 8, 2020 — QC-Health, Inc., a cause-driven benefit corporation, released its inaugural Annual Report highlighting its efforts to incrementally and immediately improve the health of patients in the United States today. Aventria Health Group is a sponsor of QC-Health.

QC-Health, launched in September 2019, helps ensure that care of targeted patient populations is guided by workflow-integrated tools that are not only clinically validated but also actionable. QC-Health solutions improve quality and reduce the overall cost of care in a way that does not require business administrative agreements in most cases.

“Our first priority is always positive patient outcomes.” — Stacey Richter, co-president, QC-Health, Inc.

One of the QC-Health solutions, Outcome Guided Engagements®, presents clinicians with best-practice guidelines at the right place at the right time, while at the same time providing them actionable information for their patients to achieve optimal health. This not only helps individual patients, but it also helps provider organizations standardize care across patient populations. Clinicians can be more efficient and work at the top level of their license with greater effectiveness. As a result, population health continually improves.

What I am most excited about is our ability to craft smart, simple-to-use solutions that fold quickly and neatly into existing health information technologies and workflows. — Stacey Richter, co-president, QC-Health, Inc.

Initial projects also include programs for employers. The QC-MyMeds™ Opioids Alternatives Program helps those who are taking opioids to either get the help they may need to quit or to get counseling to help them take their prescribed opioids safely.

Other QC-Health solutions include virtual tumor boards, a retail pharmacy education program, and more. Learn more about QC-Health, Inc.

For more information, please contact David Guy, senior vice president, at 215-489-9000 extension 136 or

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