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Aventria: An Award-Winning Market-Access Agency

2019 was a successful year for Aventria Health Group in a variety of ways, not the least of which was winning multiple digital health awards for their clients. The following is a list of the awards Aventria received in just the fall alone:

Fall 2019 Digital Health Awards: Honoring the world’s best digital health resources

Web-based Digital Health Website

Pop Forward (Sanofi Pasteur) Division: Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Audience: Health Professionals

To support health care organizations’ population health goals to improve immunization compliance in at-risk populations, Aventria created a new platform that can be Web based or integrated into an electronic health record (EHR). Providing patient resources at the point of care enables organizations to drive quality care and immunizations.

Web-based Digital Health Microsite

ACE CareCart® (Salix) Division: Pharmaceutical Company Audience: Health Professionals

To drive access and enable broader brand penetration while supporting integrated delivery network (IDN) and payer needs to reduce costs and improve quality of care, Aventria developed an interactive aid to facilitate branded discussions with decision makers that included a comprehensive set of EHR-interoperable resources that help providers standardize guideline-driven care while educating patients to self-manage toward better outcomes.

Web-based Digital Health Interactive Content/Rich Media

Overt Hepatic Encephalopathy in the Hospital Value Story (Salix) Division: Pharmaceutical Company Audience: Health Professionals

To make XIFAXAN® the standard of care in IDN and hospital settings for overt hepatic encephalopathy (HE), Aventria relaunched the brand by developing and validating a compelling value story and consistent evidence-based messaging for payer/provider formulary decision makers as the only HE option proven to reduce recurrence and hospitalizations.

For information about how Aventria Health Group can help you achieve market-access success, please reach out to:

Dave Dierk, Co-President, 30-year sales and marketing thought leader in pharmaceutical diagnostics, biomedical, long-term care, managed care, employer, and pharmacy communications, at 215-489-9000 x103 or

Making a difference in patient care by helping patients, providers, and payers collaborate on shared priorities


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