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Foster a Groundswell for Cost-effective Disease Awareness

Pharmaceutical vice presidents, executive directors, brand leads, marketing leads, and commercial leads:

When you need to raise awareness about a disease and its appropriate management, the Aventria groundswell movement is an alternative approach to spending huge sums of money on advertising and promotion while improving brand performance and patient outcomes. Fostering a groundswell involves organizing like-minded key opinion leaders, payers, providers, and third-party associations to join your efforts to improve disease awareness and management.

A groundswell movement starts by assessing the current patient journey and invites stakeholders to work as a community to solve for identified detrimental care gaps in that journey. Common issues causing care gaps include patient financial and access barriers as well as disparities in care, provider knowledge gaps, social determinants of health, and patient health literacy.

A groundswell movement aligns and coordinates a cascade of activity at the regional and national levels, and Aventria is finding great receptivity to this endeavor. So many in the healthcare industry are excited to participate because it brings them back to the reason they got into healthcare to begin with.

Groundswell Movement Case Studies Leveraging a Trends Report

A number of our clients have successfully supported the Aventria groundswell movement to raise the level of disease awareness and management. In fact, one of our clients reports a dramatic improvement in third-party organization engagement, collaboration, and interest in their efforts to raise awareness of gaps in chronic liver disease (CLD) management.

In this instance, our client leveraged an annual trends report we developed with them to drive awareness of the prevalence and concerning impact of care gaps when CLD remains undiagnosed or untreated. Now, in its second year, the report and our client are gaining positive recognition for raising awareness of CLD management obstacles, including a lack of knowledge and proper care for patients with liver disease and a gap in the adoption of national treatment guidelines.

A second client also centered their groundswell around a trends report Aventria created with them. In this case, the goal was to raise awareness of oncology biomarker test utilization and its insurance coverage. Over eight editions, the report tracks the evolution of insurance coverage and utilization of a precision oncology approach to patient management.

Our clients used the trend reports in three ways:

  1. With their field teams to raise awareness of coverage and utilization gaps

  2. To help address awareness and utilization issues with organized customer leadership and payers

  3. As part of an online strategy hyper-targeting clinicians and health systems, which data revealed had higher-than-average gaps in patient care and/or fewer appropriate patients on guideline-driven treatments

Fostering a Groundswell Is More Than Trends

A trends report can be a first step in fostering a groundswell and a well-proven way to underscore that there is a patient care problem big enough to inspire stakeholders to rally around. A second step is often building a clinical working group of like-minded association leaders and health system executives looking for ways to address the issues within their own organization. This drives real-world change and raises our client’s relationship with these influential organizations.

Aventria is an expert at creating and executing clinical working groups. The output of these “sprint” sessions is a blueprint for driving change both nationally and within their clinical settings, associations, or patient support organizations. This is where patient outcomes begin to improve.

Once the learnings from the clinical working group(s) are revealed, additional steps are to:

  • Drive awareness of the problem and identified blueprint solutions across the country and within stakeholder organizations

  • Make clinician and patient behavior change easier using a package of EHR-integrated resources

  • Measure success with a cloud data dashboard

Interested in creating your own groundswell movement? Please reach out to:

Dave Dierk, Co-President, 30-year sales and marketing thought leader in pharmaceutical diagnostics, biomedical, long-term care, managed care, employer, and pharmacy communications, at

David Guy, SVP, Oncology and Specialty Product Markets, specializing in commercializing oncology and specialty products; was instrumental in the commercialization of Taxotere, Fludara, Herceptin, and Rituxan, at

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