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How Evidence-Based Treatment Pathways Drive Pharma Brand Performance

As provider incentives move inexorably toward risk- and value-based reimbursement, larger provider groups are implementing standardized, clinically validated treatment pathways that often include a pharmaceutical intervention.

From pharma’s perspective, the process of planning for this evolution includes:

  • Understanding the objectives of the provider’s office

  • Establishing a value proposition for the brand aligned with the provider’s objectives within the context of an evidence-based clinical pathway supported by credible, authoritative guidelines and specific patient profiles

  • Building pathways that support the use of the brand

  • Using analytics to demonstrate brand value based on outcomes

Because these pathways are being embedded within the technology infrastructure of large organizational customers, they are among the most effective ways to secure and safeguard brand preference. And because the trend toward value-based reimbursement is expected to accelerate, those who fail to adapt to pathways risk being left behind.

The window for pharma to anticipate, plan for, and address patient pathways is likely to remain open for a relatively short period. Once closed, brands that have not aligned their strategy with provider objectives will be shut out of the process until the organizational customer updates the infrastructure that supports their clinical processes.

At Aventria Health Group, we can help equip you and support your key organizational customers to drive brand utilization. To learn more about how our experts can help you, contact us.

Key takeaways:

  • Health systems understand there is no turning back from the need to provide evidence of the value of their care.

  • As they compete for the revenue associated with their care, health systems are actively pursuing programs that help them establish value with the populations they serve.

  • Evidence-based care is value based; therefore, it is imperative that all contributors to health care align in this pursuit and provide a clear path to achieve the best health through the best health care in the most efficient way.

  • Technology infrastructure that embeds standards of care has the potential to build and safeguard brand preference. It may also create a formidable barrier to growth for franchises that take a wait-and-see attitude.


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